Day 74: Becky Zimmerman

Born and raised in New Jersey, Becky traveled across the Hudson River by car, train, and ferry to earn a degree from FIT in NYC before starting her own interior design business on the Jersey side of the river. Seventeen years later, she packed up everything she owned and drove across the country in a van full of cats and settled in Tucson, Arizona. After several months of wondering why she had done that, she met and adopted a slinky black cat, Maggie, in a cat shelter and began to draw and paint her cats. Her mediums are watercolor, watercolor pencil and ink.

In addition to her cat fetish, Becky is a fondler of fabrics, and taught classes in a fabric store in Tucson she managed for about five years. She loves pattern and color and is always looking for a fabric that will make an interesting pattern when cut and pieced. Trying to come up with interesting things to make in class led to all kinds of pillow designs including her appliqued and hand embroidered cat face pillows, round pillow balls, totes and backpack purses for women. She sells her cat art and fabric creations in two Etsy shops, and You can also find her on Instagram at beckyzimm22 and Facebook as Becky Zimmerman.

Annie Green Eyes


Tiva Fishbelly




Appliquéd Cat Face pillow with Droid pillow ball







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