Day 68: Amy Wright Amorso

I came to art later in life. I went to a workshop on intuitive art a few months prior to a tragic shooting at a community college where I was an instructor. After that, I used art as solace, painting when words failed me in my processing of this tragedy. Over the years, I have given more and more time to my art, taking it to places that I never imagined I’d go. I am drawn to portraits as a way of painting emotion. I stumbled upon painting masks when I found some leftover masks from Halloween one year and now work in multimedia and whatever feels good or interesting in the moment. When I’m not working on art, I volunteer as a DJ for 91.3 KXCI Tucson, serve on the board of the Southwest Folklife Alliance, cook amazing meals for my family and dream up summer trips. Follow me on instagram: @fablizzypicturelady

My upcoming shows are both at Cartel: my 2018 art shows in Tucson at Cartel Coffee on Campbell from June 15-July 31 (Portraits and Deerheads) and Cartel Coffee on Broadway from September 15-November 1st (Masks).

Instagram: @fablizzypicturelady






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