Day 65: Ryn Gargulinski

Ryn Gargulinski (aka Rynski) is a Tucson-based artist, writer and Reiki practitioner whose art career began as soon as she picked up a Sharpie marker. Her dream was to make people smile by blanketing the world with her creations, although her first installment on her parents’ garage wall didn’t go over very well.

She found a bit of better luck in New York City, where she drew on rocks and broken debris she found on the streets (once even trading a piece of Rynski-ized wood for a sandwich!).

Rynski’s art has since evolved to include a lineup of illustrated humor books, Lucky Voodoo Dolls, sterling silver charms, velvet paintings, tank tops and clothing, tattoo designs, and colorful metal home and yard art, including her best-selling Beware of Dog signs. Work bearing her signature Rynski style has appeared on walls, boats, skin, online and in publications and yards as far away as India and Australia.

Her own backyard has erupted into the Rynski Magic Garden, with art peeking out of every planter, corner, and crevice – enough to amaze her neighbors and sometimes even scare her dogs. She still favors the Sharpie and remains hard at work blanketing the world, one bookshelf, yard, or home at a time.

Learn more:

Disappoint Dog
Beware of Dogs
fear monster
Fear Monster
Banjo Cat
Front cover of The RYNSKI Doggie Dictionary




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