Day 63: Brian Skaggs

The magic that gleams an instant between Argos and Odysseus

                      is both the recognition of diversity and the need for affection

                        across the illusions of form…One does not meet oneself until

                                 one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.

                                                                                                          Loren Eisley

 Furo P. Mustelidae.

  Is not a rat.

Not even remotely close.

“Do they bite?”

They sure can, but so do dogs, cats, and anyone else with a mouth and some teeth.

“They stink, right?”

If left “intact,” you bet they do!

“They’re wild animals, right?”

No. They play like they’re wild (witness the “war-dance”), but they’ve been man’s companion for several thousand years.

“Where do they poop?”

Ferrets can be trained to use a litter box (for the most part).

“So, why photos of ferrets?”

Well, ferrets are unknown to most people; used as either lab animals, or as hunters and companions. They have sinuous, slinky shapes, and are mighty sneaky, possessing a ferocious sense of play. All this, along with their agility, and distinct personalities, make for unique photo opportunities.

“But, why such a fuss? Why a body of work dedicated to animals, and pets at that?”

Well, art (for me) should come from a place of love, or anger.

And because of the danger.

Danger, in the aesthetic challenges: Perhaps too boring, or too cute. Using ubiquitous subjects (ie.dogs, cats, and horses). Failing to present mystery and substance.


Furotype exists to provide a glimpse into my ferret’s shining moments within the mundane existence of their days. For the better part of 20 years I had ferrets in my life, and though they’ve all gone, I’m grateful for their company along the way, having added richness to my mundane days.

“Why such a fuss?”

It’s for love, if nothing else.

Brian “BK” Skaggs
Red Ball Session 2






Diego in the Yard
Diego in the Yard


Bart Memento MOri
Bart Memento Mori





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