Day 61: David Miller

As a child of the 70s and 80s, I was raised in a time of relative stability where the television acted as a surrogate parental figure. It was an era of practical special effects, educational puppetry, sugar-fueled Saturday mornings, Nintendo and anime introducing Japanese pop culture to Americans, and moral codes learned from superheroes rather than preachers.

The steady diet of childhood unreality led me to consider as an adult that such imaginative concepts found in entertainment have as much creativity, soul, truth and real-world effects as the most straightforward documentary project. The imagery and stories told in fantastical art pieces reflect the mass mind and history as much as any dry think-piece do. My artistic intent is to explore the fertile ground between Pop Art consciousness and Surreal unconsciousness with all available creative tools- digital software, chemical alternative processes, moving and still imagery, sound and sculpture and animation.

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