Day 59: Karen McLain

I’m most well known for painting wild horses, although I do paint other subjects. Most from life, including landscapes, vintage trailers, and I almost always have a small sketchbook and watercolor set with me to do quick sketches. I travel to wild horse areas during the summer and camp on the range. During that time, I observe, paint, and photograph them extensively. In late October, Assateague Island Alliance sponsors a two week Artist in Residence for me. During that time I paint and give workshops. This year I’m doing a one day landscape workshop on October 20th, 9am-5pm $125.00 and I will do a two-day Painting and Photography workshop with Meredith Hudes- Lowder of Equus ferus Wild Horse Photography on October 27-28th, $200.00.
Artist statement:
“Painting the West and America’s Wild Horses”. Painting wild horses from life is the foundation for the work I do in the studio. I want to express the power, beauty and bonds that I see manifest in wild horses. The freedom, risk and challenge that is inherent in living wild in nature is reflected in my process of working from life. They are not solely paintings of horses, but reflected communication of their experience and our journey.
light and noble
Light and Noble
Picasso's Strength
Picasso’s Strength
cloud's summer
Cloud’s Summer
Free to Run2
Free to Run

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