Day 53: Joanie Wolter

Artist’s Statement
I love working with clay – regular clay, paper clay and fiber clay. My passion, however, is
sculpting with Fiber clay. It’s very easy to work with and a very forgiving medium. My work tends to be very whimsical. If you walk by one of my pieces and it makes you smile, then I’ve done my job. The world we live in these days is fraught with anger, war, and discontent. If one of my sculptures takes your mind off your problems, even for a little while, then I am quite happy.
My other passion is teaching. Having been a public school teacher for 37 years, I have a love for sharing what I know. And now, I get to combine this passion with my passion for sculpting, and I am one happy woman!!! Being able to show a person how to create a sculpture and take away their fear of trying something new is thrilling to me. When a student walks out of class with a piece of art to be proud of…. Well, it doesn’t get any better than that!!!
All About Attitude
A Horse, of Course
Sing Like Nobody's Listening
Sing Like Nobody’s Listening

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