Day 52: Eric Boos

Artist Statement:
I have been working on a new photographic project lately: Vehicles. Yes, I know, lots of people have taken lots of photos of cars and trucks. But Im looking for something else. For over a century we have surrounded ourselves with motor vehicles. They are ubiquitous and serve as perfect mirrors for the human experience.
It struck me that the rears of vehicles frequently function as “mobile billboards”, sending messages conscious and unconscious, about the people who drive them. Its the part of the vehicle that we see the most when were in traffic, and so its the part I photograph.
I isolate the vehicles on fields of black to focus the viewer on the vehicle and nothing else.
I also like to play with the more formal considerations of shape, color, and texture in the images: they make beautiful if unintentional, compositions.
Instagram: ericboos11
Twitter: @ericboos.
Arizona Drought
Arizona Drought
Concrete Truck
Concrete Truck


Range Rover
Range Rover


Surfer Van, Mexico
Surfer Van, Mexico


Teacher's Car, Prescott Valley
Teacher’s Car, Prescott Valley


Tow Truck
Tow Truck





One thought on “Day 52: Eric Boos

  1. Lori Giliberto says:

    this is a really interesting perspective that i wouldn’t have ever thought of before, thank you! keep clicking that camera 🙂


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