Day 47: Christine Ray

 Christine was born in Syracuse NY, and lived in NJ until entering Arizona State University as a painting major, where she received a B.F.A in Graphic Design.

Christine is now the Creative Director and owner of Maximo Branding, a branding agency in Scottsdale, AZ. Her work has been recognized and published in national and international design publications and has received over 80 awards through the years.

In 2017 Christine and her husband Joe started OMGPetArt, an online e-commerce gallery of Custom Pet Portraits, Pet Angels and other gifts for pet lovers. After raising two sons, she started painting again. She loves dogs and paints them in bright colors. Most of the dogs she paints are older or have passed over the Rainbow Bridge and their owners want something that reminds them of their best friend. She began painting dogs in acrylic paint, but it would take months to complete one painting. Now she paints digitally, with a stylus and tablet on the computer. This allows her to make quick changes that don’t require waiting for the paint to dry. This keeps her other hand free for a glass of wine!

Christine Ray:




Maximo Branding:





Bula _Digital













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