Day 45: Luke Metz

Luke Metz

Sedona, Arizona

I spent over 60 years organizing and controlling my life.  From a young age, I was an explorer and adventurer.  I approached life with a decidedly left-brain approach as demonstrated by a number of years spent as a computer systems analyst and programmer.

For me deciding to “retire” was not a decision to retire from being active but to free myself from a perceived need to earn an income and also to explore my right-brain.  Retiring freed me from the need to define success in a materialistic manner.   Self-expression and discovery seemed like a natural direction for me and art seemed like the perfect vehicle.  I love working with my hands and pottery felt like a good choice.

My point is that I come to ceramic art with a non-traditional approach.  I want to explore.  I am not driven by financial success or a need for recognition – I certainly do not object to these and recognize that they can be useful.

I have now been doing ceramic art for almost 8 years and rather than building a consistent body of work (many have told me I need to do this), I continue to explore and experiment.  I have a very full lifetime of diverse experiences to bring to my self-expression.  It could be said that adventure is my consistent theme.

Dream Caddy Raku
Alien Pot Raku
Inward Fold
Pedestal Platter


Swan Song Pit Fire



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