Day 43: Tori Oswald

My work expresses an interest in the creation of space through color relationships and linear design. Using these minimal tools my work accomplishes an illusion of space, utilizing basic patterns in geometry, color, and line. The interest in creating spacial depth has been around since the beginning of painting; however, in the contemporary era, these kinds of spacial illusions can be more easily rendered digitally. I choose to paint in order to express an interest in manually creating a calculated illusion. By emphasizing the depth of the space through working with simple geometry and a careful application of graduated colors, new shapes begin to emerge. In most recent works, the illusions created by color gradations and linear perspective lead the viewer through an imaginary minimal space into a life-like destination.  

 My interest in studying modern and contemporary art history has led me to various art sites and museums in the United States and Europe, creating an enthusiasm for adapting minimalistic methods into my work. The Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas remains to be my greatest source of inspiration for its utilization of clean lines, simplistic design, color, and light.

Untitled No. 13
Untitled No. 13
Untitled No. 17
Untitled No. 17
Untitled No.11
Untitled No. 11
Untitled No.12
Untitled No. 12
Untitled No.16
Untitled. No 16





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