Day 42: Kari Caldenhead

I am a seamstress, painter, and tattoo artist. My art “day job” is doing custom tattoos and 3-D nipple restoration, the rest of the time you’ll find me painting or sewing/dying fabric. I enjoy sculptural fiber work and sew mostly by hand these days, often using older recycled materials. As for painting, I work mostly with acrylics and will paint on just about anything using as much color as possible! My job requires I create a very precise finished product and so in my “off time” art I find that the process itself is much more important than the finished piece; I just want to have fun doing it. Lately, I’ve been playing with and exploring digital art and hope to do more with that in the future.
You can find me at or @cereus_arts on Instagram.❤
Instagram: @cereus_arts

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