Day 41: Janet Travis

 I strongly believe that artistic ability is not limited to those who refer to themselves as
“artists”. All of us are born with intense creativity deep within us and simply need that
little spark to ignite the flame. I found my little spark at the Institute of American Indian

Arts in Santa Fe, NM where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. I work with glass, clay and various natural materials to create pieces both large and small. I recently began making glass beads with cremation ashes encased inside; this is by far the most meaningful and rewarding type of art I create. Last summer I went diving in the Australian Great Barrier Reef and brought along a string of glass beads made with the ashes of 6 different people, including my brother. I placed the beads at the bottom of the reef where they will float with the coral and sea creatures for thousands of years. I absolutely love the thought of that.


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