Day 39: Ronna Nemitz


Ronna Nemitz is a Phoenix-based artist whose work examines memory, notions of time, gesture, and autobiography. She received a BFA (1995) from The University of Wyoming and an MFA (2011) from Arizona State University. While studying art at Arizona State University, she received the prestigious Martin Wong Foundation Painting Award. Her projects include Listen, a sculptural and sound installation in downtown Scottsdale, commissioned by INFLUX and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Other projects include Homesickness and Other Endeavors, an installation that renovated the Eric Fischl Gallery into a domestic residence. And, Paper Thin Walls, a projection dominated installation about the intricate relationship of her parent’s marriage featured at Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, AZ. Her most recent work, Amnesia and Other Stories, is an on-going multi-media project that examines life cycles of loss and manipulates photographic portraits to visualize the operation of memory. Nemitz teaches art at Phoenix College and Mesa Community College. Her work has been featured on and

Artist statement

In my work I try to define my experience. I always thought memory was my subject but more essential than insistent, specific memory, is time. It crawls forward and backward and we are forever in its grip, suspended between our experience and our inexperience. I try to reconcile my experience with ideas of the future and the present. It is this tension between what was/what is and what we know and don’t know that interests me. All relationships come back to what we know and don’t know – about other cultures, other lands, and about the person sitting across from you, even about yourself. Painting is way to get to know oneself. A great deal of my work talks about emotional spaces – in between states. Relations fraught with tension: homesickness, loneliness, indecision, and vulnerability. Time is constant and indifferent to us. Time is not running out, we are running out, at once becoming large with experience and smaller with lifespan. The great pain of living is the awareness that we will lose everything, eventually, even our own lives. As we struggle to shape it, reorder it, shorten it, lengthen it, and, finally try to arrest it, time resists all of our attentions. But, we still try because that is the work, to bear the unbearable. To rest, suspended between what we know and what we do not.
Instagram: Ronna Nemitz
installation view of Paper Thin Walls


outside projection of video I Will Find You


2017-03-12 07.22.21
installation view of Sorry


installation view of The Pull of Gravity


2015-03-10 00.10.06
installation view of The Pull of Gravity





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