Day 38: Esther BeLer Wodrich

Esther BeLer Wodrich firmly believes that surrounding herself with beauty brings sanity amidst the chaos of raising four kids alongside her husband. Immersing herself in drawing and painting, she balances her creativity with her relentless pursuit of excellence. Esther spends a ridiculous amount of time holding her breath while working on intricate details but so far has yet to pass out. She has currently been focusing on a detailed architecture series in watercolor and pen and ink of places she has traveled as well as a desert botanical series from her beautiful home state of Arizona.

Esther attributes her experience in graphic design to her love of order and white space. She relies on instinct to determine composition, including what to keep, what to leave out and what to change. She is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she enjoyed a fantastic education in both visual communications and fine art but is self taught in watercolor. A brief but admittedly scary bout with cancer following the birth of her fourth child has played a pivotal role in fueling her return to art and patience in attention to details. In addition to her pursuit of fine art, Esther enjoys drawing autobiographical cartoons to express her less serious side while exercising quick drawing skills.

San Carlos
St Pauls
Quiet Game

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