Day 37: Brandon Huigens

For 17 years, I’ve been writing, drawing, teaching, and publishing authentically cute, ridiculous, occasionally poignant, often autobiographical comics in downtown Phoenix. I won an award from ASU even though I never went there and an award from the Associated Press for a comic strip that I got fired from. I’ve made people laugh, and I think as time goes on, that’s the best thing I have to offer.
Currently, I do graphic design and illustration, restaurant/food truck menus, flyers, record covers, any size murals, and show work at gracious venues.
My work will most easily be found on my forthcoming art-only Instagram page @comicsfornerds. Any questions regarding design or illustration work can be sent to
Instagram: @comicsfornerds.
Jobot Wall Love


Cat Contractions


What’s in your head?


Welcome Diner Cola



True LaRochefoucald





One thought on “Day 37: Brandon Huigens

  1. lindyannajones says:

    I’ve had a number of conversations with artists about the word “Charm”. For some reason it seems to be the kiss of death. It is such an old fashion word that it often fails to fully express the happy synapses in one’s brain. Some have landed on “whimsical”. Okay. But your work is so, so charming in all the happy, best senses of the word.


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