Day 31: Steve Hanson

Steve Hanson, Polaroid Artist

About People, Places + PopPeople, Places + Pop, a Polaroid exhibit by Steve Hanson, will be shown at Practical Art in Phoenix from September 1st-30th, 2016.
People, Places + Pop is a celebration of real photographs. In the new era of digital
photos, it has been estimated that more photographs are taken each year than the
entire history of analog photography. Tangible photos that you can have and hold have
become uncommon.

In many ways, the Polaroid format offers us the best of both the old and the new, the
nostalgia of having printed photographs and the instant gratification of getting a result
right away. Polaroids allow us to capture that magical moment on the spot and get a
touchable photo. Each Polaroid becomes a unique, one-of-a-kind physical photograph.
People, Places + Pop presents contemporary surroundings. People who are social
influencers, Places of architectural significance and locations where people seek
solace, and Pop the branded, commercial landscape in which we live.
The exhibit will feature Polaroids from Steve’s “Polaroid of the Day” series on Facebook
along with new and experimental images. Everyone will also have the opportunity to
shoot a Polaroid for display at Practical Art.
To learn more about Steve’s Polaroid work, visit
About Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson is a Polaroid enthusiast and artist. His fascination in the Polaroid format
started as a child when his Grandfather would take Polaroid family portraits. This
interest continued throughout adulthood where Steve would often photograph events
with a Polaroid camera.
In 2010 as a response to the growing phenomenon of sharing on social media, Steve
originated the ongoing “Polaroid of the Day” series on Facebook. These Polaroids
Steve creates exist both in a physical and digital form. The physical Polaroid is scanned
and then shared digitally via social media. The intention of this process is to emphasize
that our physical connections are only enhanced by connecting digitally.
Steve also adopted a sharing philosophy when taking portraits where he would take two
photographs ― one he would keep and the other he would give to the person. Since
starting the series, Steve has traveled extensively shooting thousands of Polaroids.

1. Unparalleled
2. Flower Power
Flower Power
3. Aperture
4. Ashley






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