Day 30: Sara Becker

Artist Statement
With color, I can create space and emotion, a visual retreat from the constant
demands of the world. I construct my paintings intuitively, alternately applying,
sanding and re-applying layers of acrylic paint. The resulting image, with its deep
visual texture and luminous colors, convey the serenity and simplicity that are
my primary goals. Painting is a way for me to express myself. It allows me the
freedom to be playful or serious—whatever emotion that I wish to express at a
given moment. My desire is for the paint to flow effortlessly, clearing my mind
while I work. A graphic designer by trade, my art plays with proportion and
composition, combining my design sense with the expressive qualities of the
paints and processes I use. I love to paint. I love finding the beauty beneath.
Arizona artist Sara Reinstein Becker’s acrylic paintings vary in subject matter yet
are consistent in her layering of colors both bold and muted. The depth of her
imagery is created through the interaction between density and transparency
of color. She creates the textured paintings through a lengthy process of layer-
ing acrylic paint on wood and canvas. Much of her work is abstracted from her
personal environment and most often convey a sense of joy. She brings to her
paintings her life experiences as a wife, mother, yogi and graphic designer.
Sara was born in Toledo, Ohio and came west to pursue art and receive her
BFA from ASU.
fb/artist sara reinstein becker
Merge, Acrylic on canvas
Hot and Cold, Acrylic on wood
Beep Beep Acrylic on canvas


Sunset, Acrylic on canvas



Enchanted, Acrylic on canvas
Prickly, Acrylic on Wood
Variegated Lotus, Acrylic on Canvas

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