Day 29: Evenson Art Studio (Bryan Evenson)

Bryan was born in San Francisco California in 1979. From a very early age, Bryan learned art by observing his father Donald, who to this day, is a brilliant freelance illustrator, watercolor, and oil painter. As he grew up, Bryan found that his father’s techniques came naturally to him. Early on, Bryan’s artistic ability took front seat to his academics almost to fault, where he shined and was recognized.

As a result of his training in drafting and architecture, Bryan knows there is more to a building than just the façade. Only when people are drawn to the interior of a building has a building truly accomplished its purpose. Bryan succeeds in showing the full richness of his creative mind by capturing people with the impact of generous spaces and perfect attention to details.

The same goes for his gun creations as it is not just the background that determines the impact of an image. His works are strong and direct images that celebrate and reflect the times we live in. His technique is a direct tribute to his fascination with Legos as child, geometry, architecture, and simplicity.

Stacking multiple layers of shell casing the images become complex spaces where figure and ground constantly trade places. This way Bryan invites the observer into his paintings to enjoy visual wealth beyond first impressions. When today’s world of contemporary and modern art is considered, Bryan’s gun art is unlike anything out there.

Bryan believes that the journey he has walked significantly contributes to his artwork. He was an excelling athlete as a young adult, experienced countless violent and traumatic life events, struggled for 20 years with alcohol and hard drug addiction, had heart failure and an aortic aneurysm in 2011. Bryan is living proof that God is stronger than all the challenges he has faced. He is now living a life full of passion and freedom. Bryan prides himself in creating something out of nothing. He feels his artwork of guns reflect the suffering, strength, and perseverance he has endured in his life.

Today Bryan embraces life and his relationship with God. His perspective on everything has changed drastically after his near death experience.  When he is not doing his Artwork, Bryan dedicates as much time as possible to doing God’s work, sharing his story, and working directly with addicts and alcoholics at a rehab facility and at local Alcoholics Anonymous fellowships. His experience is that as long as God and his sobriety remain his priority, his artwork only grows in its impact and beauty.

Works of Bryan Evenson are shown at different galleries and art fairs. He works and lives in Scottsdale Arizona.




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