Day 25: Isadora Hale

In my art, I explore the concept that there are no absolutes in life. Honorable behavior, success, kindness, failure, worth… these are examples of qualities most would find easy to pinpoint, however, I challenge that a simplified view of the world misses much. By incorporating elements such as bold color, humor, and unusual juxtapositions, I hope to inspire viewers’ curiosity and awaken their minds to the myriad of possibilities that exist when they look past their first impressions. Ultimately, I would like to encourage people to take that thoughtful approach outside into the community, to discover and appreciate those wonderful complexities all around them.

36” x 24”
It’s a Boy!
24” x 30”
The Costume
24” x 24”
48” x 24”


Beneath the Surface
(wired to hang either side up)
16” x 40”




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