Day 21: Ruth Ann LeFebvre

Having retired to the high deserts of Sonoita, Arizona, I find the passing of time and the natural surrounding of my rural home has made me alert to the magic of the mundane. What is more mundane than someones back? As a photographic artist, I’ve been working on a series of “Backs” over the last few years and am encouraged by the response when I exhibit them.

When the face and front of a body is removed from distraction, the image allows the creative mind to conjure its own narrative of realistic adventures and ethereal tales. The back and its surrounding become the primary focus. Eliminate the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears and the secretive image helps the mind fill in the blanks. A few of the “Backs” are from southern Arizona, others are from as far away as Ireland. Each it’s own mystery.

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Guarding Maeve's Cairn
Guarding Maeve’s Cairn
Dancing With a Cactus
Dancing with a Cactus
Patriotic Back
Patriotic Back
Crossing Over
Crossing Over

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