Day 20: Jessie Koepke

Originally coming from the Chicago art scene, I am still trying to find my feet out here in the west. I was professionally trained at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and followed through in fine arts focusing on life drawing and portraiture by living and studying in Italy at the Florence Academy of Art. Currently, I work part-time as an artist and most of my work is commission based, usually portraits. I usually show in at least one art show a year but haven’t found a gallery to partner with yet. I don’t feel I have a set style of art though hyper-realism is often my go-to. I love working in all medias though watercolor and pencils/charcoal are my favorites. I’ve been dabbling recently into more surreal work such as Shark Fish pictured. I welcome all inquiry about my work, showing, or commissions.

I can be reached through email (, my facebook page (

Shark Fish
What’s Inside
O Hey Chips




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