Day 18: Betina Fink

Betina Fink, MFA, is an oil painter originally from Delaware. Arizona has been her home since the 1980’s, including 7 years when she lived and worked in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague, Netherlands. While in Europe Betina studied classical painting and drawing. Her studies of egg tempera painting and the works of the masters helped to ground her studio practice soundly in the historical traditions of Rembrandt and Vermeer. The effects of northern light, time and place combined with the artist’s own impressions living as an American abroad helped to formulate a lasting aesthetic and reverence to “Painting” that she brings to her work today while being inspired by landscapes of the American southwest and west coast.

Her return to Arizona in the ’90s’ brought her to Rancho Linda Vista, an artists’ community in a historic dude ranch in the small town of Oracle, north of Tucson, where she lived and worked for 10 years. Some of her former professors lived on the ranch, and she joined what has been dubbed by Tucson arts writer Margaret Regan, as “the Tucson Landscape School.” It was while living at the ranch that Fink made the switch from painting more abstractly to creating more representational works.

As a result, “her art is positioned in both worlds, and uses the bold expressive mark making and color of an abstractionist, with a more controlled description of the realist”.


Teaching Blog:

Studio at Metal Arts Village (

Studio DC (1)
Studio Davidson Canyon: 36 x 24″; oil
Davidson Canyon 3
Davidson Canyon 3
Sweetwater Trail
Sweetwater Trail
Davidson Canyon
Davidson Canyon
Davidson Canyon 2
Davidson Canyon 2






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