Day 16: Daniel Lee Reisinger

My art work is designed for the individual reader. I enjoy using weird, brutal and uncomfortable subject matter; I want the reader to be haunted and inspired with the feeling of somethings just can’t be unseen to invoke thought and to question. I want to add something different to the art and comic book world.  I strive for a  unique visual experience.

My work is heavily influenced by all forms of music like Tool, R.E.M and Classical are some. Movies from David Lynch, John Waters, Takashi Miike and Stanley Kubrick and Literature from William S. Burroughs and Bob Frissell.  Also, my art style comes from Tim Vigil, Vince Locke and Pushead.  I’m also inspired by living and observing the Human Experience, free will and the power of choice, the human mind and the complexities of the two hemispheres.  Our culture is governed by the left side of our brains and the right side is often misunderstood and ridiculed, even though it’s function is more important I feel.

I use Copic Liner Pens, Watercolor Pencils and Paint Markers. I feel my line work is my strength and is my primary influence to start working on projects, color I can take it or leave it.  I don’t have any technical training in art, I am mostly self-taught, other than Highschool art classes. I am self Published and also Published by Bloody Gore Comix, we share the same vision of unity with other artists and their own personal expressions and creativity.

I’ve lived a very interesting life of experiencing and self-exploration and I hope that communicates through my stories and artwork.


com 1_0001

walls 2_0001




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