Day 13: Delena Brittnell

My goal as an artist is to tell a story, one in which we are all involved, about life. I create pieces that are dramatic, bold, with hidden words and images amongst intricate and undulating lines. I am inspired by viewing the world, and nature, through the eyes of a child. I like to create whimsical worlds in which Mother Earth is visible, bodies creating the trunks of trees, and (since moving to Tucson) humanizing Saguaros. My hope is that each creation brings beauty and conversation to any space, for every story is worthy of being told.
I gravitate towards Magical Realism, oil painting, watercolor, pen and ink….but I am always seeking new ways to express my visions. I have spent the last year learning the art of Print Making and currently volunteer/learn at Tanline printing practicing the wonders of Screen Printing, Riso Printing, and bookmaking. My artwork has been displayed in galleries across Colorado, California, Oregon, and Arizona. I was chosen by the City of Alameda, Ca (Bay Area) to display my art as a public piece and it currently lives on the corner of Santa Clara Ave and Everett Street. I have done freelance work on vehicles, art photo shoots, children’s book illustrations, newspaper articles, custom commissions, and window art. I am honored to walk this life as an artist.
Under the Moonlight, Ink, Watercolor, Pen and Oil on Wood
Cacti+Lovers - Riso Print
Cacti Lovers, Riso Print


My Giant- Acrylic on Wood
My Giant, Acrylic on Wood


The Story- Ink and Watercolor on paper
The Story, Ink and Watercolor on Paper


Re birth- Oil on Canvas
Rebirth, oil on canvas






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