Day 10: Bob Allen

B O B   A L L E N

Phoenix, Arizona


Artist Statement

For over four decades, I have been involved in the arts in a variety of meaningful ways, in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Phoenix. My primary professional career was in the performing arts – as administrator, festival producer, multi-arts presenter but also enjoyed a later career in city government. Throughout those years, I also pursued a parallel path in making my own art.  Originally from Louisville, I studied art at Bellarmine College and after a stint in the Navy,  finished up at the University of Kentucky.  I create work from a number of sources – personal stories, current events, cheesy ads, vintage textbooks and a litany of catholic references I can’t seem to shake.  My goal is to reinterpret these elements into something altogether fresh and new . I enjoy a colorful palette, painting with acrylic directly onto a square canvas surface and then building texture. Often I collage found images into the evolving composition, overlaying with stencils, repetitive patterns and folding in handmade paper. I like to cut-up and rearrange things, hide and reveal information, access ghost imagery, create articfical framing devices, play with foreground and background, layer & fragment words or text. I have a stong sense of design and color, enjoy the curious juxtapostition and like visual wordplay. 

 Recent Exhibitions

2018, Friends4 Life, Eye Lounge, Downtown Phoenix

2017, 4th Annual Surprise Invvitational, West Valley Arts Council, AZ

2017, Eyes On The Road, The Eye Lounge Artitist Collective at  First Studio

2017, Little By Little, Intersection for the Arts, Gilbert

2017, Art of Science, First Studio, Downtown Phoenix

2017, Image & Word, Kaviar Forge & Gallery, Louisville

2017, All Art Arizona, Intersection for the Arts, Gilbert

2017, The Story of Bob, First Studio, Downtown Phoenix

2017, The 3rd Crow Show, The Studio Door, San Diego, California

2017, Chautauqua National: Order & Chaos, EKU Giles Gallery, Kentucky

2016, Role of Public Art (lecture), Hot Coffee Series, City of Goodyear

2016, 18th Annual Artlink’s Exhibition, Heard Museum, Phoenix

2016, 5 At First, First Studio, Downtown Phoenix

2016, The Briar Cliff Review, Publication Cover Art, Sioux City, Iowa

2016, TBCR Exhibit, Gallery Talk, Sioux City Art Center

2016, Inglorious Arizona, CommissionAZ Republic/Artlink, Phoenix

2016, Inglorious Arizona Exhibit, First Studio, Downtown Phoenix

2015, The Blue Guitar Magazine, Publication – Featured artwork, Phoenix

2015, The Crow Show, The Studio Door, San Diego, California

2015, Eye of the Beholder, Tempe Community Galleries

2014, Layers: Collage & Assembly, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix

2014, City Hall Exhibits, West Valley Arts, Cities of Surprise & Avondale

2014, Mom! A Meditation on the Mother, R. Pela Gallery, Phoenix

2013, Jesus! A December Celebration of the Christ, R. Pela Gallery, Phx

2013, Holiday Show, Galerίe Hertz, Louisville, Kentucky

2013, The Briar Cliff Review, Publication – Featured Artwork, Iowa

2013, TBCR 25th Anniversary Exhibit, Sioux City Art Center

2013, Dark Horse, Frontal Lobe Gallery, Braggs Pie Factory, Phoenix

Work History & Experience:

  • Deputy Convention Center Director, Phoenix Convention Center & Venues, 2006-12
  • Interim Executive Director, Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture, City of Phoenix, 2010
  • Phoenix Stages Deputy Director, Phoenix Civic Plaza, 1996-2006
  • Executive Director, World Arts West, San Francisco, 1990-96
  • Managing Director, Columbia College Dance Center, Chicago 1985-90

A 2 Z 2 A
Singing To The Dawn
Singing to the Dawn
Ali Dali Dalai Lama Llama Llama
Ali Dali
End of 52
End of 52
Big House Brouhaha
Big House Brouhaha


One thought on “Day 10: Bob Allen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your paintings are inspiring stories of how you express the world around you at any given time. This one is one of my favorites.


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