Day 5: Kristina Kremer

I started art as most of us do, with sketches in our school notebooks, scribbled on the side as we daydreamed of being somewhere else.
Over time I taught myself to refine my drawing by flipping through my mothers Amy Brown books. I have always been fascinated with the fantasy world that through art we can make real.
I have battled with my mental health all my life. Coming from a rough past I often used art as my expression of escape. When my father passed I fell heavily on several different mediums to find something that would help.
This is when I discovered the power of clay. Something about working with my hands made me maintain grasp. I bought plastilina clay to practice and made several sculptures that where never to keep. I made and smashed until I felt confident enough to create permanence in this world.
I was fortunate to later land a job with a local pottery studio that believes in the power of art therapy. I started as an assistant and apprentice to an incredible woman Dani Fisher. Now at 22 I am teaching elementary students in after school programs around the town. When I started working with Clayote studios I was able to find a path I believe in and build on it.
I believe all of us as artists look for that little escape from reality into our fantasies.
We make the imagined a reality to be gazed upon.
Instagram art page is @roastedstudios
The Original Angel
Split Personality
Totem of Love
Rain Woman


One thought on “Day 5: Kristina Kremer

  1. Becca Whitlock says:

    It is wonderful that you found peace in art. You’re an inspiration to those that are still learning. And your art is beautiful!


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