Day 2: Scarlett Ministro Decker


Scarlett Decker grew up in Chicago and became a resident of Arizona in 1980. While in Arizona she completed her education in art by obtaining her BFA in studio art from the University of Arizona in Tucson and her MFA in visual art from Vermont College in Montpelier, VT in 1993 (both assemblage and painting).) She has exhibited nationally in solo and group shows as well as internationally in group exhibitions. Scarlett currently resides and works on her assemblage/mixed-media constructions in Chandler, AZ. She is active in the area arts community and teaches Art History at Northern Virginia Community College (online).

Artist Statement
“In my 3 dimensional works, which include assemblage, constructions and mixed media sculpture, I usually have a completely finished preconceived idea in my mind before I even start work on the piece. I search for materials that are then constructed and/or assembled to represent this idea. Very rarely does the work deviate from the mental idea when it enters physicality. At times, the title is conceived first which, in turn, creates the image. Satire and paradox are primary factors in my 3d works and wordplay has substantial influence in my approach to artmaking. My goal is to present a visual “aha” moment that will prompt a dialogue for or about the work or sometimes a gift given to the viewer which is of sustained engagement of thought and observation.”

Uncle Ralph
“Uncle Ralph”
Shoe on plaster-cast leg with leaves
(“The Uncles” series)
“Acts of Contrition”
Plaster ear, tar and feathers on velvet in shadow box
6” x 6” x 3”
(“The Hearings” series)
“Sighs and Whispers in the Night”
Plaster ear, red fabric on velvet in shadow box
6” x 6” x 3”
(“The Hearings” series)
fetching bling
“Fetching: Bling”
Rhinestones on Bone
(“Fetching” series)
6” x 3”
Fetching: Pretty in Pink
bone, glitter, bow
one sock danny
Converse shoes, Metallica shirt, White Sox cap,
and Mateless socks
(in progress)
Uncle Albert
Shoe, Plaster Cast Gauze, Paint, Zippers
Dimensions variable (life size)


Domestic Violins
3 Violins, Lace Aprons, variable dimensions


“The Game”
Marble chess board, lipstick, bullets
(from “Issues of Love” series)
16” x 16” x 3.5”


Pin Drop
“Pin Drop”
Plaster ear, straight pins on velvet in shadow box
6” x 6” x 3”
(“The Hearings” series)





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