Day 143: Cindy Harvey

The work I produce is about sharing momentary experiences in the process of
expanding my world. My goal as an artist is to integrate the information gleaned from
life experiences into my work. I have a profound admiration of how Kandinsky was
able to visually translate the idea of synesthesia with his work, and his concepts about
the strong connection between spirituality and art. For me, there is such gratification in
taking cerebral snapshots of my environments and transferring the emotional and
mental understandings into a different language of line, color, and form, which can
potentially change that events effect and then stimulate a new experience to identify

Come PLAY with ME
Come PLAY with ME
INternALL_189 Jig
flAme DANCE_300
wHISp warrior_300
wHISp warrior













Day 142: Shannon Partridge


Shannon Partridge is a fine art and semi-professional photographer living and working in Tucson, Arizona. Shannon graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Studio Art Photography Emphasis. She has been featured in the Arizona Daily Star and Photographer’s Forum and has participated in several exhibitions.  She has worked as a darkroom lab aide, product photographer, and volunteer photographer for animal shelters and rescues in town.

 While Shannon’s professional work focuses primarily on portraits and fashion, Shannon’s fine art photography varies, experimenting with light and long exposure to visual commentary on the consequences of the choices made by society.


Instagram: tellshannonherphotosareready

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Day 141: Courage Benally

I was born and raised in Pinon, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.  I attended numerous government boarding schools and grew up surrounded by my traditional Dineh (Navaho) culture. I attended the University of Washington and then later spent my adult career in education in the Seattle area. I taught physical fitness and art classes. Being in the Pacific Northwest area I learned the Northwest Coastal native traditions and art styles. I retired recently and moved to the Prescott area to practice my own art. I love to work in all media and I try not to restrict myself to one style. It is important to me to keep in touch with my friends, family, and culture. I participate in the Intertribal Pow-wow dancing and I perform and teach the hoop dance for schools and organizations.









Day 140: Taylor Jessel Winner

When I was a little girl the only thing I felt I could actually do was draw. I was bullied at a young age so my only friend was art. I am obsessed with painting. I do not believe I have a style. For now, my art is whatever comes to my mind and I love it. I see it as searching for my soul.

Instagram: Gypsysoulbeauty








Day 139: Cassandra Abril

Artist Statement

I am a twenty three year old mixed media artist and native of  Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated The Herberger School of Art and Design at ASU, with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing in 2016. Growing up in Arizona has brought me grounding, and a grateful attitude and appreciation for being able to see living plants, desert landscape, and animals every day. I strive to show this in my art by fusing nature, the physical body, and abstraction with current topics in society.  I never limit myself to one medium. I feel that when I stick to just watercolor or working with clay, for instance, my creativity, perspective, and focus is hindered. Personally, my ideas thrive and grow when I know I am able to use any media and mix them to create my art. Watercolor, t-shirts, pen, oil pastels, and acrylic paint, and air dry clay are my staples. I also aim to use as much recycled or found materials as possible. Simplicity through abstraction is a method I employ in my art to make viewers not fully aware of the subject. I like knowing that they have to figure out what it is they are looking at and take from it what they will.

There is so much to comment on about the world we live in today and how much humans are using the earth to their advantage without realizing the consequences. Many of us forget that we only have one body, one mind, and one planet. The earth provides our physical bodies with air, water, land, and nutrient dense foods; true sustenance. The current state we are headed is not promising and in my art, I want to bring small, but powerful reminders of this message.

I enjoy painting fruits and vegetables in my watercolor paintings and t-shirts. Although they may seem simple my message is simple; to eat more of them. Cheesy as that sounds, Americans as a whole do not consume enough and rank second in the world for eating the most meat annually than any other country. Overconsumption in every aspect of society is what intrigues me and leads to inspiration in my art.

Sending a positive message through my art and social media rather than putting out more negativity is crucial to me. However, there is always room for education and awakening rather than always showing the beautiful side of life. I always want to bring more truth and awareness, to my viewers by touching on sensitive subjects. Subjects in society today. Issues I find important are gun violence, racism, factory farming, global warming, and the use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms in agriculture today.

We have the power to arm ourselves with knowledge of what is truly going on in our world. My goal is to connect with all ages and viewpoints in life to spark an open and understanding conversation on how it is we as a human race can solve these problems.

Dogs in China
Futura Fruit
Wasted Wave
Avocado Tee


Broken & Broken



Day 138: Dani Kahn

I grew up in Singapore where my father was a computer engineer and my mother was a creative and have been producing art and computer coding since I was 12—it’s in the genes!

I started web development and design work as a hobby before I can remember, but started offering it as a service in 2011. My favorite part of what I do is taking a client’s concept and developing that into a tangible product. Watching their face light up when their vision comes to life, whether it be a website layout or a huge mural, is a wonderful feeling.

I love learning, with business, fine art, biology, and philosophy being some of my favorite courses. I’m a proud nerd who’s obsessed with comics, Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and visual arts. I’m also a huge Star Trek fan and really hoping for a Replicator one day.

I’m all over the interwebs, feel free to message me on any of your favorite platforms.

Mural at Pinot’s Palette, Party Room
016_COLOR_IG (1)
Clockwork Orange
Intentional for Emily
Annette’s Backyard Garden Mural


Day 137: Hans Miles

Hans Miles was raised in Prescott, Arizona in a family of artists and has been creating and destroying since day one. Fascinated with the mechanical, the natural, design and deconstruction, the unknown and the novel, Hans brings a very special and highly idiosyncratic style to every facet of his expression.

These strong reverberations of style can be found in his approach to the ceramic medium. From chaotically executed sculptures imbued with moments of intensity and marks of insanity, to his highly controlled and meticulously planned atmospheric firings; this artist strives to relay an evocative narrative with each and every piece. Hans has developed many different firing styles and glaze recipes completely unique to himself but he is assuredly far from ending his search into the many pockets of forgotten knowledge that pertain to the ceramic arts.

His current works intend to explore even deeper the essence and science of atmospheric firing, a process invented in Europe in the 14th century and involving the introduction of volatile elements like sodium, potassium, and calcium into the kiln at a temperature exceeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of firing can result in innumerable chemical reactions inside the kiln such as color changes, crystal growth, glass deposits and a little understood process known as flashing. However, sprinkled into these works are moments of quiet inspiration, loud bursts of recklessness and a subtle charm that makes his work so accessible and interesting in the first place.

Hans is currently pursuing his B.F.A. in ceramics at Arizona State University where he works as the lead technician in the ceramics lab. In addition to his studies, Hans holds the positions of General Manager of Art and Industry and Chief Clay Technician at Mission Clay Industries in Phoenix as well as a position as the General Manager of Ceramics at Cosanti in Paradise Valley.