Day 234: Mary Theresa Dietz

The Art of Mary Theresa Dietz

Mary Theresa Dietz paints mostly with oil sticks (oil paint in solid form), but she also does encaustic painting, cold wax painting, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Her subjects are mainly animals, but she does figures, portraiture, and just about anything else including the occasional abstract. Sometimes she likes to combine different types of animals and animals with humans. Her influences include folk art, pre-Columbian, ancient Egyptian, and ancient European art, German expressionism, the Fauves, animals and the natural world, and her subconscious.

Her art is her obsession – her reason for living. She uses subject, form, texture, and color to create objects that are more than the materials that make them. They communicate feelings and emotions that can’t be explained in words. Her work is all about aesthetics, and her aim is not to make statements, social comments, or illustration, rather she strives to arrest the viewer with a visual feast.

Dietz is noted for her animal imagery and use of color. Her work is in numerous national and international private collections and public collections including Tucson Public Library and Ronald MacDonald House. She teaches classes and workshops in her studio, and at Womankraft school of the Arts in Tucson.

Mary Theresa Dietz Theresa Dietz 


A Wild Hare, 2017
enamel on aluminum



The Lion (Asiatic Lion), 2016
oil on canvas


Dance of the Flowers, 2017
encaustic and oil over Skratch over styrofoam, newspaper, wire, cord, beads




Black Cat Reunion, 2015
encaustic and oil over Skratch bas-relief with cat whiskers over wood


Felandia, 2018
oil on canvas





Day 233: Sue Goldsand

“I have always been intrigued and captivated by the beauty of glass. I am fascinated by the look, the feel, the way light reflects, and the fabulous color of glass. This allows me to create with passion, dedication and care”
As a fused glass artist, I strive for bold colors and strong designs. First I design the piece and then choose a color palette. The glass is then hand-cut, fused, cold-worked and possibly slumped to create the final creation. Each piece has its own personality and unique quality.
I enjoy making people smile with my whimsical style. In fact, I will chuckle as I create.

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Day 232: Jennifer Hoffman


My work is meant to be entertaining and to evoke fun and wonderment.

Each bold color represents the incredible array of emotions and thoughts running through all of us. Never be afraid to show your true colors.

Artist Statement:

I feel I am a risk-taker working in the abstract form. The wild colors and shapes you see in each piece come from the furthest parts of my subconscious. I am most inspired by the deep-sea and outer-space; as you may see reflected in my work. I have a passionate interest in the connection between our biology, behavior, and the psyche.

My work is completely reflective of what I am feeling in that moment; be it joy or darkness. I think in tiny details; analytical one might say. Zooming in on the smallest of creatures and how I imagine the great possibilities of the unknown; of life, anywhere but Earth. There is something so fascinating to me about the immeasurable variety of species we share this planet with.

I also am inspired by the supernatural, and mind expanding, enlightening experiences. For me the experience of creating art is highly therapeutic and provides an outlet for all of the energy the universe is sending. I am the vessel and my art is the message.


Jennifer B. Hoffman is a contemporary abstract painter residing in Scottsdale Arizona. She is currently exhibiting her work primarily in Downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale art galleries, shows, and other venues including restaurants, salons, and in-home staging.

An avid traveler and a bit of a gypsy, Jennifer has made her way around the world from the Caribbean islands, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Mexico and has lived and travelled all over the United States.

She has successfully worked as a professional actor, fine artist, dancer, singer, comedian, and natural product sales representative. After earning her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, she practiced as a licensed therapist. Jennifer’s true passion, however, is for the fine arts and is considered an artist in every sense of the word.

Contact info and Social Media links:

New Galaxy
New Galaxy
Life Out There Jennifer Hoffman
Life Out There
Ayuasca Dreams
Galactic Firestorm
Galactic Firestorm

Day 231: Jesse Berlin

My sculpture consists of hyper-realistic representations of uncanny and often surreal
subject matter that is psychologically unnerving, organic, and anatomical, while
simultaneously being both repellent and magnetic. The result of this is a body of work that
is totemic of the anxiety’s that are often present in the human sub-conscious.
The work I produce appeals to the instinctual fascination with the imperfect and the
malformed, often combining traditional standards of elegance and beauty with a child’s
raw and unbiased curiosity. Through the process of fastidiously modeling every detail of
anatomical forms and handcrafting mechanical and decorative componentry from various
media, I form an intimacy with my work that is then transmitted to the viewer.
When in pursuit of an understanding of what we find appealing and why, one may arrive at
a sort of objectivity through which beauty and revelation can be found in the least likely
places. As such, I approach my work as scientific exploration in which each experiment
leads to the next in an ongoing examination of the human condition.

FB @berlinsculpture
twitter @BerlinSculpture
instagram @berlinsculpture


2017-08-17 22.03.47
The Patient


2017-05-11 19.22.52
The Flayed Man


Untitled Deer Study










Day 230: Annalisa Loevenguth

Ever since I can remember, my head has always been stuck in the world of storytelling. It has always been my intent to show people what I see, breathe, and feel. Creating this mixed-media style allows me to look inside myself and tell the stories I want to tell. Deep inside us all is a story waiting to be heard and shared with others. I dare you to tell your tale.

Over the years, I have experimented with many different mediums, which has allowed me to develop my own style. There are no rules to this art form, it can be whatever I want it to be. The art has a way of inventing itself. This all began when I entered the world of print and graphic design.

Whenever I see print and textures used in design projects, I want to somehow incorporate them into my own works. So I began my search for the right paper and accessories to make my pieces one-of-a-kind.

Xiongmāo Cove (Pandas) 20″x16″


Mother Nature 9″x15″ on Wood


Tree Nymph 5 1/2″x12″ on Canvas


Paper Crane (Swan) 24″x24″ on Wood


ale of Blue Marrow 18″x24″ on Illustration Board





Day 229: Mark Timpany

About the artist

Mark Timpany grew up in a household whose walls were festooned with photographs. He did not rest until he could create some of his own to hang on the wall. He has not stopped to rest.

Trees are Beautiful

Trees became one of my favorite subjects about five years ago. There is a lot to be said for trees as photographic subjects. They are patient, holding a pose until the right light is available. They won’t complain if you have to run off because you forgot a tripod. Trees are in such abundance and available in such a variety of forms that you can easily work out your own set of ‘Equivalents’ using them as subject matter. Trees have a lot to recommend them.

BT 125

BT 139

BT 156

BT 196

Day 228: Serge J.F. Levy

Artist: Serge J-F. Levy

In the winter of 2018 I was awarded an Arizona Commission on the Arts Artist Research and Development Grant to continue working on “2900 Miles and Other Jumping Cholla.” The project is a visual account of how my life and experiences in Arizona are inflected by living afar from my ailing and aging parents. There are many photographs in this project that are made in urban settings and within domestic spaces; environments that are familiar to me and that correspond to my experience of growing up and living in New York City for the first 39 years of my life.

A central challenge I have undertaken in this project has been to immerse myself in the wilderness spaces of Arizona. At one point in my life I treated “nature” as a cure-all of sorts; a place I would visit hoping that my emotional pain and concerns would be absorbed by forest greens or that they would disappear beyond the horizon of an open vista. Since spending six years in the desert Southwest—amidst a rugged landscape layered with thorns, vipers, and caliche—my relationship to wilderness has quickly evolved. Instead of seeking healing or release from my pain, I have discovered that these places—the vegetation, the fauna, and the bedrock—can appear to me as symbolic embodiments of my emotional life. I now witness my feelings manifest outside of my mind; at a safe distance and in a form that is easier to endure.

The following images were made during the first four months of 2018. They are a handful of photographs drawn from a larger body of work that is still in progress.


Instagram: @hotstonehiking

Instagram: @outdoorframes