Day 176: Tony Amato

I always loved superheroes and sci-fi as a kid. Growing up the artists that shaped me were Frazzetta, Vallejo, Mcquarrie, Kirby, Adams, Ross, Byrne, Romita the list goes on and on, so I usually gravitate towards the classic version of characters when I draw them.


My art career began years ago as a designer working In advertising as an art director and then in music where I had a company doing CD cover layout and design. So having strong background in graphic design really helps me balance and layout the pieces I create today as an artist/illustrator. 


Being a fan of the “less is more” design philosophy I strive to give my work a life, energy and realism in as simple a way as I can, using what I feel is the least amount of lines that can still convey what I’m going for.


Another thing that I feel stands me out from most is that I do everything in the process from pencils to inks, to colors, it’s all me. Whereas many other artists will just do one or the other, I do it all.  Since I pretty much show and sell only at conventions, It just doesn’t feel right for me to offer up something for sale that I didn’t create from start to finish. 


I try to only draw what I’m a fan of,  and that’s what keeps my passion in the work. If it doesn’t excite me and make me happy I don’t do it.

Being a collector myself I try to create series and collections of art that people will want to collect, for example… my Gotham mug shot series, Portrait series (multiple themed), Noir series etc. I also try to give my customers something unique by printing my work on metal and metallic synthetic material. You can view most of my work on Facebook, Instagram and tumblr 


Tony Amato



a distinctive practice,

philosophy, or artistic movement

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Day 175: Patton Werner

Artist statement:
My name is Patton, but you can call me Buddy.  My goal in photography is a simple one, to take a picture of “you”.  To capture you in a moment in time.  Could be today, could be five years from now.  I want you to have a memory of yourself and who you were at the very moment I took your photo, and within that photo, I want there to be as much of who you were at that very moment as possible.
Sure I’ve taken a great still life, family and event photos, but everyone takes those.  I want simply to give my subjects a photo of themselves that not only is a great photo but one that they can view and say “that was me, what I was doing, where I was, who I was, at that moment.”.  I’ll continue taking other photos of other things, but these images, these are the ones I love because I believe that these are the most deeply personal.  Not a selfie, not a portrait, but a literal painting of that person, in their entirety, at that point in their lives.
Instagram: @yourbuddypatton


SH Workout-35
SH Workout-35


Your Portrait - 2
Your Portrait-2


Your Portrait - 3
Your Portrait 3
Photo Sep 26, 12 28 36 AM
Photo Sept. 26, 12 28 36 AM



Day 174: Gina DeGideo

Artist Statement

Gina DeGideo is an artist from Mesa, Arizona. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University. Through photography, mixed media, and bookmaking, she explores the human experience. As an Arizona native, growing up in the desert and constantly studying the ever-changing terrain, she is fascinated with the transitions and transformations found in the landscape, both man-made and natural.

Aside from her personal artwork, she is dedicated to supporting youth and adults in her community and abroad to access arts education and is co-founder of Art for Life non-profit. Currently, Gina is making and exhibiting new work and serves as Gallery Manager at Art Intersection in Gilbert, Arizona.

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Maddox in the Desert


Maddy in the Grass




Self Portrait with Desert





Day 173: Ray Carns

I use photography as a means of self-expression – working primarily with landscapes, attempting to illustrate abstract, evocative scenery as a motif to epitomize the idea of imagined space and to express my interpretation of the world around me. My camera is used to explore fragments of life as an abstract form, to open an unexplored world, a place of curious self-expression. Rather than being concerned with documenting a story, I find myself interested in the results of immersing myself in my own reactions to my world.
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Twitter @raycarns
West Shore Looking South From Salton City


Farm and Distant Mountains



Mountains on the Far Eastern Shore

Day 172: K Loren Dawn

My art is usually abstract or symbolic.   I don’t restrict materials, other than they be non-toxic.   Materials come from anywhere, and ideas often evolve from the process.
 Im influenced by the natural world, and what’s going on around me at the time.  I’m comfortable with monochromatic minimalism, as well as the realm of vibrant color.

Day 171: Bob Diercksmeier


I’m a Phoenix, Arizona native, and I’ve lived here most of my life. My family moved to Connecticut when I was in grade school, I moved back to Arizona after college and have lived here ever since.
I’ve created art for the majority of my life, starting in elementary school where I doodled incessantly in the margins of my notebooks. I took every art class my high school offered, and I did pen and ink house portraits to make extra money for college. In 1988 I graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Illustration.
After graduation I started a career in graphic design, moving back to Arizona in 1992 to work for a design firm in Phoenix. I went on to become a freelance illustrator in 1994, illustrating for a variety of local and national clients ( In 2001, I started my own design company RJD Creative ( which has served design clients large and small for over 16 years.
While still in Connecticut, I developed a love of landscape painting, and from time to time would work on my own drawings, pastels and paintings, including landscape and still life subjects. My passion for drawing and painting the landscape reignited in 2016, and since then I’ve been creating a new body of work including what you see here and on my website.
Beautiful places are the inspiration for my work. I have been blessed to be able to live in and visit many beautiful places in the U.S. — my home state of Arizona, the New England states (including Connecticut where I lived for 18 years, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Pennsylvania), the island of Martha’s Vineyard, the Big Island of Hawaii, the midwestern state of Iowa, and the western states of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, and Oregon. Whenever I am in one of these places I am inspired by its natural beauty and am compelled to create my interpretations of the scenery around me.
From sketches and photographs of these beautiful places, I create landscape paintings and pastel, charcoal and pencil drawings that use simplified compositions, basic forms, bold color, dramatic or subdued lighting, and atmospheric effects to evoke feelings in the viewer. By reducing representational details, my goal is to enable the viewer to make an emotional connection with the painting. I hope to communicate feelings of peace, calm, quiet, simplicity, solitude, contemplation, serenity, happiness and joy through my work.
I am not attempting to render or reproduce a scene that is before me — my goal is to react and respond to what I am seeing. My drawings and paintings are not intended to be detailed visual descriptions of particular places at specific times, they are meant to exist as reinventions that have a life of their own. My reductionist approach to the landscape and my focus on color relationships within the painting are aimed at inspiring a reaction in the viewer that is influenced less by their preconceived ideas about the subject and more by their sensory experience of the piece in front of them.
I avoid including human elements (people, structures, vehicles, etc.) in my work — I prefer instead to present a view of nature that is unspoiled by human intervention.
The fundamental reason I choose to make art is to create something of beauty, something that can bring joy and peace to the viewer. I’ve chosen the landscape as my subject to celebrate the beauty of nature, and hopefully help the viewer to notice and appreciate the colors and forms in the natural world around them a little more often.
Hudson River School
Abstract Expressionism
Color Field Painting
Group of Seven (Canada)
Society of Six (California)
Bob Diercksmeier
RJD Fine Art
Twitter: @rjdfineart
Instagram: rjdfineartist
Saguaro Lake Shimmer
Saguaro Lake Shimmer
Saguaro Lake Sunrise


Lone Cottonwood


Canyon Cloudburst


Yellow Sky