Day 203: John David Yanke

I lost everything twice. The second time was easy as there wasn’t much to lose. I know the value of what can be owned, yet am conscious of the eventuality of convenience; things tend to go unnoticed, appear tasteless and transparent a o are discarded. Mattress springs offer a loaded image for the viewer and for me they are a mental and physical contradiction. They are a malleable yet stubborn material. The design is brilliant in that it contains no positive fasteners – material and form work in union to maintain shape – an everlasting test for me to reimagine, reconstruct and reorganize. They are places of rest. We spend half of our lives on them. They are my raw material.
In a way my contorted, reordered bedspring sculptures depict or symbolize violence anesthetized. They are the beauty of force, order coerced into a kind of splendor, subdued by color ameliorating the violence of their making. The Plutonic shaped pieces represent a more logical approach to manipulation or restructuring. Like me, they immerse themselves into their environment without calling too
much attention to themselves.

John David Yanke is originally from Wisconsin, received his bachelor’s degree in fine art, painting from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and is expecting a masters degree of fine art from Azusa Pacific University July 2019. John designed seats and saddlebags for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in the 1990s, operated a mural and faux painting business and remodeled homes in the early 2000s and currently teaches all levels of art at The Odyssey Institute for Advanced and International Studies. You can see more of his
sculptures at

My official website:

FaceBook: J David Arts

InstaGram: @jdavidarts

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Day 202: Sarah Hamilton

I see art and hate to leave it on the wall.I love to feel it, wear it; literally be the art piece or at least the house to showcase the piece! I love multimedia on a challenging surface such as hats or shoes or any of my collage work. I play with color,the curve, the merriment.Like being the creator of a festive moment.I love serious and sophisticated mediums, but as a recovering fine art dealer-I find myself drawn to more playful adornments…I use acrylic, oil pastel, alcohol inks, semi-precious stones and a variety of broken, vintage or just goofy fun objects!! Lately, I have been really focused on collage, candles; in which I always try to marry my own original acrylic painting with imagery from say a Vermeer painting.
Most of my work is on the outskirts of traditional painting.My Collage work really grew out of impatience with my lack of technical skill as a painter.From the perceived need to make up for lack of ability; I have been blessed to really see my niche start to circle me.It’s a great feeling. I will start a website or Etsy site soon.This is just beginning for me and what a blessing it is! I just entered my first art show, which is a Tom Petty tribute show in Phoenix and I am vending my collage candles for the first time, here in Tucson later this month. At this point, I’m just trying to create, talk to other artists and sort of be gracious, as I always have this feeling, as if I’m some imposter…Maybe that’s true and I will be told to go home and get a real job..or maybe ……..
I have the intrinsic belief that art is in everything and almost anything can be turned into art!
I have pictures of my art on my Facebook page and would love any advice or ideas from folks about a fun buiz title…Madd Moiselle and The Sarah Style Topper seems the logical today.
Heart So Big

Day 201: Nate Begay

When I first began to draw or paint, I listen to the story about my Diné ways. Every art comes from story’s or songs that have been shared with me by my relatives I encountered. So I paint what I hear and try and bring my imagination on canvas.


Early Morning Prayer and Bird Song
Respect the Teaching
Monster Slayer


Early Dawn






Day 199: Stefani Soucy

As a songwriter, I paint my dreams with words. But, as an artist I love to see an empty canvas transform into something, some part of me I didn’t know existed, and watch as it becomes tangible in front of my eyes. In this life we are thrust into a world full of wonder and pain, full of love and hate. For me, music and art is my Band-Aid for living. 

image1 (1)
“She said, ‘Don’t you forget about me..” 9×12 watercolor on canvas
image2 (2)
“Siren’s Call”
16×20 watercolor and neon acrylic on canvas
“Come on baby, light my pyre” 12×24 watercolor and neon acrylic on canvas
image3 (1)
16×20 watercolor on canvas
“Lovely Frida”
16×20 watercolor & neon acrylic on canvas





Day 198: Jean Garton Hildebrant

Born and raised in a small town in Oregon, Jean Hildebrant found herself drawn to the beauty of art at the exceptionally early age of three. With a love for art growing within, Jean spent most of her free-time drawing to develop her gift. As her personal style began to develop, she discovered that she especially enjoyed working in oil and pastel mediums. As Jean continued seeking out ways to improve her talents, she attended workshops held by local artists and enrolled as an art major in the local college. As a result of her efforts, she won two scholarships to Scottsdale Artists School, based strictly on the merit of her work. She has studied with nationally known artists Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Phil Beck, Bob Lemler, Ben Konis and Clayton J. Beck 111. Artists that have influenced her work include John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla and Anders Zorn. Jean’s favorite subject is the human soul. Specializing in portraits and figurative works, she desires to capture the essence and inner beauty of the human spirit through the use of light and color. She wants her paintings to speak to the emotions and spirit of each person who views them. She paints realism with the purpose of leaving an indelible impression. Jean has exhibited and won numerous awards in local and national shows. Among these accomplishments are the Pastel Journal Magazine’s 2006 “Pastel 100″ competition placing first in the portrait/figure category; the Patel Society of America’s National Annual Exhibition, New York, NY ( B. & V. Giffuni Purchase Award); Pastel Society of America’s Master Pastelist and Award Winner Exhibition, Kentucky; Pastel Society of Oregon National Annual Juried Show, Purchase Award and First Place Award; Pastel Society of the West Coast Juried Exhibition, California,; Don Ruffin Memorial Exhibition, Phoenix, AZ receiving the Paradise Valley Community College Purchase Award and the Award of Merit and Arizona Artists Guild Juried Exhibitions receiving numerous awards. She is a charter member of the Pastel Society of Oregon and past Exhibition Chairman, a juried member of the Arizona Artists Guild and a member of the Fellowship of Christians in Portraiture. Her work is found in private, public and corporate collections and has been published by National Geographic Children’s Books and North Light Publications. She now resides in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband, Michael.







Day 197: Lynn Anglin

Award winning artist, Lynn Anglin was born in Montreal. Canada,  received a Fine Art Scholarship in Toronto, Canada in l965 and majored in Sculpture and Design under the leadership of a protégé of Henry Moore.  She also studied extensive Art History and Painting with the late Doris McCarthy, renowned Canadian Artist.

She moved to Vancouver, B.C. and then Seattle, WA where Lynn fell in love with the mountains and the water and her husband, Al.  Sixteen years later, Lynn arrived in Tucson and another love affair began with the Desert Southwest. “It’s natural, unrivaled architecture and diverse desert complexion are very different than anywhere else in the country,” Lynn says.

Lynn continued to utilize her knowledge of Color and Design in many fields throughout her business career in advertising, marketing, publishing,  fashion and interior design. After taking a hiatus from Painting for 45 years, she has begun Painting with a Passion.

Her work can be described as Representational/Realism. She generates energy with an excitement in her work but it is always evolving. While living in Arizona her color temperature provides a warmth of light. “I love the way the paint plays on the canvas,  it is so forgiving and free”, she says.

Her work can be found in private collections in Canada and throughout the United States and in Galleries in Tucson and Sierra Vista, AZ.  She has recently won several awards for her work.

Professional Memberships

Southern Arizona Art Guild, member and exhibitor
University of Arizona, Museum of Art, member and exhibitor


Fine Art Scholarship, Majored in Sculpture & Design
Central Technical Institute, Toronto, Canada
Private Studies, Tucson, Arizona


Mid Century Moderne


Double Exposure
Double Exposure




Miss Betsy


Desert Beauty


Fuschia Fantasy